17 Paths to EnlightenmentDate: 12-04-2008
Type: blog
Category: Human Rights
by Frederick Marx

I grew up on a farm in Southern Saskatchewan where the closest General Store sold us the motto 
"If we don't have it, you don't need it."    
What do you think a motto like that would do to a business today???  

I recently went to visit the old general store where I was welcomed by the owner and his wife who
still faithfully manage their store after 50 years.  I looked around.... it really did have everything I needed.

I was at an event talking to a couple of Australians a couple of years ago, and I came up with this analogy about the future of the planet that I'd like to share with you...  Please tell me what you would do?

Imagine we're on a plane, headed to an island paradise in the South Pacific....
We're flying around 50,000 ft. and suddenly the pilot has a heart attack and dies.
He has slumped over the controls; they are broken... and we have about an hour of fuel left.

What would you do?