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Corporate Member Profile: 
At Clear Pod Inc. we are an Ottawa based start-up focused on providing next generation solutions for reducing ground water and water way contamination. The problem: 25% of all North American households rely on home septic systems, and on average 10-20% of these systems fail each year - resulting in significant financial outlay, as well as contamination and eutrophication of local water sources. The solution: our Clear Pod system converts home septic systems into advanced water treatment systems - helping our customers to extend the lifespan and environmental performance of their septic systems.
Industry Leadership: 
At Clear Pod we have assembled a world-class interdisciplinary team of scientists, engineers and business leaders that are successfully commercializing next generation solutions in residential and commercial septic system waste water treatment. We have partnered with leading Canadian academics in the development of a revolutionary drop-in retrofit solution that is designed to enhance the removal of Carbon, Nitrogen, and Phosphate based contaminants. Our treatment unit relies on key fixed-film microbial partners to cycle nutrients in aerobic and anaerobic zones to produce effluent water streams with reduced contaminant concentrations.
Community Involvement: 
Clear Pod is committed to developing technologies that improve the quality of local water sources in rural communities. We offer a number of community presentations as well as blogs, white papers, and videos on community water education. Check our events listing for our next community presentation:
Workplace Environment: 
Clear Pod is a water technology company that values our employees and their families. Our team utilizes advanced communication allowing the team work remotely, increasing the efficiency of our team, helping to reduce our environmental footprint and make for a healthy work life balance.
5 Important things you should know about us!: 

1) We are committed to advanced research and development, utilizing innovative technologies to create high performance residential waste water treatment systems.

2) Our goal is to ensure we are providing our customers with the most cost-effective enhanced septic system waste water treatment available anywhere in the world?

3) Members of our team have developed innovative waste water treatment technologies for winery, domestic and aquaculture industries as well as designing systems for the US Army and the International Space Station with NASA.

4) We have a international team with staff from Canada, the US and Europe.

5) Stay tuned... 

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