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Corporate Member Profile: 
For nearly three decades, the Tällberg Foundation has been deepening our understanding of issues related to leadership and change in society and business. The Foundation’s main focus of activity is to gather leaders from around the world and from a variety of backgrounds for discussions and reflection.
Industry Leadership: 
The Tällberg process has played a catalyzing role. In any one of the consequential actions listed below there are the seeds and roots for transformative systems changes of business, human rights, energy, environment and climate, governance.
Community Involvement: 
Over the years, the Tällberg Foundation has established links to a number of institutions around the world with whom valuable learning exchanges take place. This ongoing dialogue, either through projects and co-operation or on a more ad hoc basis, enriches the work of the Tällberg Foundation and partner organizations.
Workplace Environment: 
Over the years, several thousand people have attended the Tällberg Forums, the 24 Tällberg Workshops (1981 to 2004) and our other events organized in Sweden and around the world. They include world leaders, top business executives, civil society leaders, prominent scientists, artists and some of the most influential thinkers of our time, as well as emerging leaders and young entrepreneurs.
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