Career Opportunities

At Sustainability Television, we believe in building win-win relationships that help set both our employees and the firm on the path of success.   Why is Sustainability important? Sustainability encompasses numerous employment sectors, so do the jobs that come with it.  From artists and engineers to sales experts and web developers, our team is always expanding  —  if you like what we're about we'd like to hear from you!

If integrity, environmental conservation and community health are important to you, you are important to us!  Check out the Current Openings below or send a resume with your career ideas and goals to: HR


Marketing & Communications

Film & Video Production Team

Management & Administration

Internet Technologies

Senior Business Development Manager

Female Show Host

Executive Assistant

Dupal Developer

Fundraiser Production Coordinator Volunteer Coordinator  
  Camera Operator / Video Editor / Graphic Design    


Be part of the solution. If you are a post-secondary graduate interested in Marketing, Sustainability, Mobile Web and IT, Video Production and or Media Relations, we want to help you pursue your goals.

"If you can help us extend our benefit to society, then we want to hear from you"  Jason Robinson, Founder & CEO

If you are currently a student, be sure to include in your application any information about your academic advisor(s).  Send us a letter of intent indicating why you want to work with Sustainability Television, what you see yourself doing, how you can add benefit to our team, and a current curriculum vitae (with at least three references) to: Human Resources