Press Release: New Bin Cleaning Company Encourages Green Cart Use

VIP Bin Cleaning Encourages Green Cart Use


Monday, April 8, 2013


Richmond, British Columbia, Canada - The City of Vancouver has announced that it will be decreasing the frequency of garbage pickup to every other week beginning May 1st, 2013, encouraging residents to use their green bins more for yard trimmings and food waste. Other municipalities have already made the switch to garbage pickups every other week. This may result in more odour, bacteria, and pests in the summer months, and may be an excuse for residents not to use their green bins.


VIP Bin Cleaning, a global bin-cleaning franchise business that arrived in Vancouver in Spring 2012, has removed this specific barrier to help increase residential and commercial use of green carts. Colin Bell, Owner and Chief Bin Cleaner, says, "You love using your green cart to reduce the amount of garbage you produce each month, but it can get pretty gross and smelly. We make going green easy by providing monthly cleaning of your green cart with our advanced cleaning technology that recycles water using an onboard filter system."


When a customer signs up for a service on, an address must be provided. VIP's mobile machine arrives the day of bin pickup. The bin is cleaned in 2-3 minutes, or 5-10 minutes for first-time bins. A sticker indicating the last wash date is placed on the bin, and the customer is sent an e-mail confirmation. Residents do not have to be home while the bin is being cleaned. A demo video of a service can be watched online here:


VIP Bin Cleaning uses less than 2 litres of recycled water to clean each bin, versus the average 9 litres residents would use if they were to clean their bin themselves. The cleaning machine diverts 240,000 litres of contaminated water from entering the ground water supply monthly. The cleaning products are 100% biodegradable, and VIP Bin Cleaning exceeds all Environment Protection Authority guidelines for the proper handling of waste water. Locally, water is disposed at the Iona Island Wastewater Treatment Plant in Richmond, BC.


Prices vary depending on frequency of service and duration, ranging from $6.83 per bin for an annual commitment, to $8 per bin for monthly or bi-monthly service.


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