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Corporate Member Profile: 
NOMAD Micro Homes sells affordable and sustainable tiny homes that can be packaged, shipped worldwide and then home-assembled. It also sells pre-engineered components and off-grid packages, which can be connected to NOMAD's various housing models.
Industry Leadership: 
NOMAD addresses the following worldwide problems: first-world high housing costs, non-sustainable living conditions, post-disaster relief housing, third-world housing shortages, high cost of temporary housing for industry and sporting events, shortage of affordable student housing and high infrastructure and building costs for multi-family housing and resort properties.
Community Involvement: 
NOMAD is concentrating on providing truly affordable housing alternatives to young families and students while locating them in urban areas close to work and universities to reduce vehicle usage.
Workplace Environment: 
NOMAD is committed to producing environmentally conscious products that significantly reduce, or eliminate one's carbon footprint. This commitment also remains our focus with every decision relating to the growth of our business and establishment of our manufacturing operations.
5 Important things you should know about us!: 

1. NOMAD is modular and can be fitted together to produce larger floor areas.
2. NOMAD is designed to withstand extreme environments, both hot and cold.
3. NOMAD is light weight and does not require a concrete foundation.
4. NOMAD is small and does not require a permit for assembly.
5. NOMAD can be assembled by two handymen in a couple of days.

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