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Corporate Member Profile: 
In 2007, a group of undergraduate students at the University of Waterloo undertook the task of designing a microrobot. Professors said it would take over 5 years and was the basis of several PhD theses. 4 years later the group had overcome the challenges and won the Microassembly Challenge at the 2011 Mobile Microbotics Challenge, while being the only completely undergraduate team, as well as the only Canadian team competing. We have students from the Nanotechnology, Electrical, Computer, and Software Engineering programs at Waterloo, as well as students from the faculty of Arts. The range of backgrounds in our students assists us in completing a wide variety of tasks, from programming to fabrication to marketing and business.
Industry Leadership: 
UW_NRG has been the only entirely undergraduate and Canadian team to compete in the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s Mobile Microbot Challenge for the last two years. In our first year of competition, Alaska 2010, we placed third. Last year, in Shanghai, we placed first with our magnetic powered robot, EMMA. Currently working on designing and fabricating four different microrobots, UW_NRG is a premiere innovator in the field of microrobotics and their applications.
Community Involvement: 
UW_NRG has an absolutely fantastic marketing team which runs a variety of marketing events on and off campus to raise awareness about the team and nanotechnology. UW_NRG also does high school outreach in addition to attending a variety of conferences, including CUTC, the Canadian Undergraduate Technology Conference, to spread knowledge about nanotechnology. In addition, UW_NRG has put on several technical seminars geared at professors and grad students, as well as at the University of Waterloo’s Nanotechnology Engineering undergraduates regarding design and fabrication of microrobots and their applications.
Workplace Environment: 
The labs UW_NRG uses to fabricate our microrobots are located at the University of Waterloo. We are looking forward to the Mike and Ophelia Quantum Nano Center (QNC) opening this September.
5 Important things you should know about us!: 
  1. Size matters.
  2. We design and fabricate microrobots for a worldwide robotics competition.
  3. The group was devised on a napkin.
  4. UW_NRG is composed of 4 technical teams, a controls team, and 2 non-technical teams.
  5. All of our competing robots have female names.


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