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Corporate Member Profile: 
CiTR is run by The Student Radio Society of the University of British Columbia, a registered not-for-profit Society of B.C. Our mandate is to "serve, instruct and inform the UBC and Greater Vancouver Community through the medium of radio broadcasting by supplying alternative, progressive, informative and community-oriented programming". Reaching over fourteen thousand listeners, our signal reverberates from Point Grey east to Langley, north to Squamish and south to our neighbours in Bellingham, Washington. Run by volunteers from the campus and local community, CiTR provides a listening experience unlike anywhere else on the dial.
Industry Leadership: 
CiTR offers alternative coverage of every genre and perspective, including programs on comics, comedy, music, news, sexuality, Thunderbird sports and many different cultural communities. Driven by the community, and not by advertising, we provide balanced coverage on issues relevant to you, the listener, and music for those with diverse palettes. We support Vancouver's local music community, and are at the forefront of internet broadcasting, offering live streaming and podcasts of all our programs.
Community Involvement: 
Community radio is an important sector of Canada's media landscape that provides locally-focused programming developed by members of the local community. We provide significant multicultural programming, with Indian, Japanese, Ethiopian, Persian, Russian, Spanish, Italian, French and First Nations programming. CiTR is community focused, with all of our programs developed by volunteers from the community. We provide the opportunity for anyone to host their own show, and provide the broadcasting training to make this possible. CiTR also is a leader in the local music community, airing and supporting Canadian and local artists.
Workplace Environment: 
CiTR is a UBC student initiative, and as such, benefits from the sustainability programs at UBC. Broadcasting has a low impact on the environment, and we aim to reduce our footprint in small ways around the office.
5 Important things you should know about us!: 

CiTR stands out by covering and promoting local events and issues - providing content developed by the community, specifically relevant to the community. With less than five minutes of advertising per day, our airwaves are dedicated to you.

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