Press Release: Rocky Mountain Flatbread Opens Main Street Location

Community the ‘Main’ Attraction at ‘New’ Rocky Mountain Flatbread                                                                                                    

July 19th, 2011

Vancouver - With the opening of its 2nd Vancouver location, Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co.brings a slice of the good life to 4186 Main Street.
As might be anticipated, the thinking and ingredients remain guided by season and rooted in Rocky Mountain Flatbread’s philosophy and its intrinsic tie to community.
Carrying over to the new Main Street location are the seasonally-inspired menus morning, noon and night - as well as network of the local suppliers such as Biovia and CityFarmBoy that make them possible. A new artisan-stone oven
centered the new location weeks earlier; it now brings the room and the menus to life. The all-BC beer and wine list offers its own regional glow.
However, it is the newest element - the Main Street neighborhood - that has co-founders Dominic and Suzanne Fielden most excited about the new Rocky Mountain.
“We absolutely love the community: loads of independent businesses, oodles of young families, and a great energy,” says Suzanne Fielden. “I think we make a great fit and we already love the neighbors.”
How much love? The ‘Wall of Local Heroes’ panels, featuring local growers and educators, has been joined by a third: the faces behind the local businesses that bring the Main Street neighborhood south of King Edward so much of its character.
As for the 1,900 square foot, warmly wooded 50-seat interior, everything old has been made new again with reclaimed ingenuity throughout. The church pews along the north wall come from Burnaby and the tabletops have been crafted from shopping-mall remnants by Soul Works. From the wainscoting about to the cut-steel art partitioning the warmth of the open, artisan stone oven, every element of the new location shines with reclaimed ingenuity. Even the toys in the new kids-play area are organic.
Young families of Main Street take special note - Sunday and Monday nights are kids-pizza making nights. Tuesdays at the new Main Street location - as in Kitsilano for the past five years - will continue support local fundraising initiatives with a 10 per cent share of the night’s profits.
The Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co. is a progressively minded pizzeria featuring allnatural, handcrafted cuisine at both its Vancouver Kitsilano (1876 W. 1st Ave.) and Canmore, Alberta locations. Organic ingredients, in-house sustainability programs, environmental alliances and community outreach initiatives are all part of normal operations for this now-franchising entrepreneurial success story.