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That Nature

Inspires Us

With ...

Heidi Haffner Finser

Eurythmy You Are With Me



That Nature

Inspires Us With

Copyright 2008 by Heidi Haffner Finser.

All rights reserved.

Heidi Haffner Finser

Eurythmy You Are With Me

Mill ValleyCalifornia




Nature and the Environment makes us listen

and write Poetry and Music, it teaches us to clean

the world, take right steps and speak, sing,

be right to people, in this world, not kill,

but inspire, to change oneself and the world,

to pureness, peace and inspiration, to clean

this world, slow this world down and have

good connections with this world and people!


Giving love, slow, deep and laughing is changing

this world and ourselves constantly!

   If we are put down, we need to go deeper and

 see who talked it, what their issues are and

give love to change them slowly, instantly, fully!

Not take in the put down, but focus on softly

changing everything, ourselves and the world!

That is what the ocean, the waves, the forms of

movement up, down, running in different ways

teach us, sparkling up is laughing, running slow,

deep, is love, the connections of water is very special.

It teaches us how to connect to each other-not judge

each other but look for change in others-focus on

laughing and love and slowness, to learn!

 Aurora Borealis is teaching us to listen, see


deep sounds and flows, that is what inspires

Eurythmy -”you are with me”, our connections.

Nature and the Environment and People,

is like the water in the ocean, waterfalls, wherever

water is flowing, dropping, moving, being.

Even if it is slow, it teaches us new steps to take!


Clouds, oceans-water, shades – in trees from the sun,

movements, colors-rainbows, songs-tones-intervals that

nature gives, is teaching us, what we need

and give to this world and others in a right, pure

deep way, it will change this world and us, in deep,

soft, light, giving right ways, what this world needs.

We have to be deep, soft, joyful giving right love, listen!


When you read these poems, pay attention to your own

process, what it gives you and what it inspires you

to speak to others , deep, soft and fully, slowly speaking

by listening what nature touches us with, speaking

with others and the world, to change instantly,

every moment of our connections and of breathing

constantly changing by breathing deep!

 1 I Breathe Deep

2 Listen “Waterfall”

3 Cosmic Way

4 Messages

5 Transformation Now

6 Teachers / Clouds — Oceans

7 Spirit Being Christ

8 Mother Mary

9 The Heart “Waterfall”

10 Eurythmy — You Are With Me

11 Aurora Borealis

12 Walls of Fear and Isolation

13 Nature Inspires Us

14 Thank You Sun

15 Rhythms of the Ocean

16 What Clouds Bring

17 Clouds Bring Peace

18 Rainbow Is Giving Love

19 Rainbow of Colors Deep

20 Hearts Get Touched

21 The Way the Ocean Touches Us




Breathe Deep

And find new ways

To communicate :


Rise to communicate

Inside out, opening new ways

To loving actions turning us around

From heavy weight, hard tired sounds


The flow of nature lifts my heart

The sounds of nature deepen my heart

The forms in nature touch my heart


After breathing deep

I now can communicate

The forms in nature touch my heart

The sounds of nature deepen my heart

The flow of nature lifts my heart

From heavy weight, hard tired sounds

To loving actions turning us around

Inside out, opening new ways

Rise to communicate




                                                                                      Listen “Waterfall”


Watch listen feel the pulse

Church bells ringing right ear

Left ear singing like waterfalls

“Ave Maria” drip dripping laughing

The sweetness of water here

Is like a pulse inside listen...


Listen who you truly are

Give yourself breathing space

And loving time to learn

Inside and outside

That space is not empty

Touches heart mind and feet…


Walking nature teaches us enough

Listen deep on all levels

By breathing love outside

We change the world

In simple ways effect it

In a full cosmic way…





Cosmic Way


The drip of water

Is who we are

Full perfect effecting all


Focus on breathing

Rainbow in — laughing out

Drip in color — spray in light


Spiral in — moving out

Are the cosmic forces

Circle — triangle — breathing squares


Our eyes are universe

Movements take us

To thresholds


Here we are all

Cosmic universe breathing

We all hold on







The waves in the ocean

Is teaching us the art!

Starting from roses around rocks

With stems already waiting there

Circles — sprouting triangles — breathing squares

Spirals in — spraying out — together

Expanding contracting — creating giving images

That lifts us to see ...


Messages — like trees in sand

Created — teaching us to see

Natures breathing — that is needed!

Pollution of the air — braking ...

Not just our hearts breathing

Also natures healthy deep lushness

Effects the depth of being

Shallow brain — tightness!


It teaches us to change

This world now — to peace!

Not force others what to do ...

Listen deep from the heart

While others speak — they get

From us — their hearts pulsing

Speaking — listening — in deep ways

Who they truly — fully are!





Transformation Now


Be nature — listen deep !

Take slow steps outside

And inside your brain

Take right steps listening !


Deep — alive — giving — love !

While breathing what we

Get inside and outside !

Listen deep for right


Steps to take inside

And outside in peace !

Joy and healthy transformation

Of this effective world !





Teachers / Clouds – Ocean

deep — slowness connect in shadow ... is
giving love touch out intense intentions
through breathing are the tight — illness
brings gratefulness breathing what we
to nature! Forces do to us!
teaches us they speak take steps
to look to us that teach
deeper — fuller in breathing us new
circling — space depth ... changes
to see... of inspiration! of learning
everything slowing to see
that is us down get truth
speaking in deep what nature
to us ... loving cosmic universe
flowing ways! kindness! teaches us
clouds — oceans even if we need
drip — flow we look to focus
moving spirals intensely... through breathing
in — out we judge bring gratefulness
up — down the same! to change!




Spirit Being Christ


You are here

In Nature now

In all of us

In such breathing

Loving way peace

That teaches us

So very deep

When we breathe

Who we are

Truly we are

With you Christ





Mother Mary


Dear mother, you hold us, in peace

The blue sky, shows us, your peace

We feel, the hugging flowing, peaceful love

That you embrace, for us, in peace

Through flowing, air, in deep blue peace

We are connected, with you, in peace

Thank you, our full peaceful, Mother Mary.





The Heart “Waterfall”


The right steps to take

There needs to be peace

Flowing light sparkling deep kindness

Touching in soft wide fullness

Making us listen — the heart

As we take steps inside

To clearly listen what steps

To give rightly outside — nature

Nature teaches us deep steps

We need to listen — see

Breath fully slowly touching all

Take inside right steps — be !





Eurythmy — You Are With Me


Communicate through movement

Flowing lifting deep

Speaking what inspires

Us very deep


Sharing how connections       Our movements dripping

Touch us fluidly                      Gives hearts breath

Show to others                        Connect flowing peace

How listen free                       Speaking to others


Through that being                  Nature teaches this

True full inside                       Through breathing deep

We can take                            We see spirit

Right steps outside                  Sharing to see ...


Change our intension             Clouds in art

By listen deep                          Trees in shadows

From hearts flow                    Waterfalls in connections

Give yourself peace                Oceans in movements





Aurora Borealis


Aurora Borealis moves, inspires Eurythmy

It flows wide, deep, colorful

Circles in, radiates out giving

Bringing inspirations, with loving flows

Wakens us up, slowing down

Enlightens our steps, taking right…

Listening our hearts, breathing depths


Right, is natures giving peace

Left, our giving deep love

Receiving natures flowing deep peace

Giving it to this world

Receiving in peace, listen deep

The deep strong flowing love

Receive it, change this world


Slowness is what nature teaches

We will change this world

By focusing on deep connections

Listening inside, outside, right steps

Joyful giving in tingling slowness

Makes us take right steps

Loving this world in peace





Walls of fear and isolation


Walls of fear and isolation

Keep us dislocated from another

Be together: Beauty Harmony Peace


Focus on giving the world

Our deep slow loving thoughts

In joyful breathing deep out


We will be able taking

Right steps out in nature

When we focus on listening


Taking that listening in soul

We will get inspired taking

Right steps outside being together


In such incredible different connections

That we will change worlds . . .

To soft slow peaceful giving


People Animals Nature Environment Breathing

Different : Colors Nations Thinking Giving

Listening will change this world


Grateful for who we are

Different in truth deep connections

Enkindle this world changing truly





Nature Inspires Us


Nature inspires us light and deep

With joy and deep connections

Clouds speak to us in moving ways

Slowing us down by listening

The joy they give in loving ways

Is teaching us how to give love

To the world and others

In right ways that change the world

Into peace and loving kindness





Thank You Sun


Thank you for this lovely day

Sun, giving Aurora Borealis, dripping from you

Moving loving clouds in a colorful way

Your love from the sky

Giving Nature Animals Human Beings

Such deep full loving joy


By slowing down we will

Get it, take it, in

In such tingling loving ways

That it will teach us

In such wonderful ways


How to slow down

And giving right love

To each other and the world

It will change the world

Giving healthy loving slowing deep connections

That will lovingly lift, not harm, the world





Rhythms of the Ocean


The rhythms of the ocean

Teach us lovingly

How to breath deep — giving

Right steps — BE

Fully perfect inside giving love

Fully perfect outside being free


Of our deep put down

That we take in ourselves

By crazy people teasing us

That are not true inside

Listen deep and give love

To peoples put us down


That will give us handling

Our teasing — love

Be pure inside and listen

Just to our hearts breath

That teaches us right steps

Always giving — love





What Clouds Bring


What clouds bring, is inspiration

Listen deep, what they bring

Tell us, teach us, messages

In such soft flowing ways

That it inspires us deep

To let faces teach us

How to be — bring love

In the right way — outside


In faces, there is art

Their connections teaches us BE

The lower clouds are faster

Thicker, fuller connections, deep flowing

The higher clouds are lighter

Teaching us in arts connections

Their deep light fine strength

Deeply touches, gives love — BE





Clouds Bring Peace


What clouds bring - peace - inspiration

Listen deep, to their flow

Let this touch us, uplifting

To give - time - to know

Deep inside - outside, how change

This world - to peace - love

Speak in right ways - BE

So we can give love

In right ways to others

Changing this world, give right

Ways to uplift this world

To joyful - living - giving - change





Rainbow is Giving Love


The rainbow is giving love

In all these lovely colors

The circle is teaching us

To always stay inside ourselves

As we give love outside


In wide, deep, flowing love

So colorful, wide even narrow

That that is breathing deep

Into us, their loving, giving

Peaceful, colorful, joyful giving love


Sometimes touching oceans, natures earth

From skies - houses, cars and people

It is changing from where

We look to see - touches

The rainbow from sky rain


Up high the rainbow starts

Comes from the dear universe

Wanting to give love - teach

The people from this earth

How giving love to others





Rainbow of Colors Deep


Rainbows of colors deep

Touch us so inspiringly

Giving love so tenderly

That it makes us

Laugh so high — deep


The love it gives

Inside this gentle world

Also gets inside us

In such lifting love

That we get told


How to give love

To this world — others

In such — deep way

That we stay touch

With ourselves — slowfly deep





Hearts Get Touched


Hearts get touched

By rain building

Lash long leaves

The rain brings

Rivulets of rain

Brings love — earth

From the sky

Through the clouds

Connections by changing


Deep and light

Fast and slow

Thick and thin


It teaches us

How to change

So deep joyful

Giving love truly

To the world

And our connections

With all people

Joyful loving peace





The Way the Ocean Touches Us


The way the ocean touches us so soft

Lifting and touring, circulation, sprouting giving deep love

The oceans intenseness is giving love, laughing deep

White in circles sprouting deep and loving high

The softness of the waves with deep salt

The colorful light blue — green makes us laugh

So tenderly, goes so deep into our hearts

That our circulation gets inspired giving right love