Corporate Member Profile

Corporate Member Profile: 
Not your typical, stuffy hotel chain. Yes, we have modern, clean rooms, but we’ll also tell you where to go (in a good way ;). We’ll give you the down low on where the locals hang. The hot spots for shopping, dining and hitting the town. We’re different in a good way. Oh yeah, did we mention that we’re also a pint-sized, boastfully BC hotel chain with five locations; Victoria, Burnaby, Vancouver Airport (Richmond), Kelowna & Kamloops. Stay local. Stay real.
Industry Leadership: 
Wow, how do we talk about leadership in only a few words. Our founder Terry Farmer and our President and CEO Mandy Farmer have always believed that “getting involved” is our duty has business and community leaders. This value has permeated through our chain and our staff. Terry, Mandy and key staff members have been Chairs and Board members of local and Provincial Chambers of Commerce, Tourism Associations, several non-profits and speakers for the tourism industry to interested groups and youth.
Community Involvement: 
We like to touch people’s hearts - usually in a quiet way! And while there is nothing wrong with grand gestures of charity, we find that it’s the little ones that often mean the most. Just like the good old days when people took care of their neighbours, we take care of ours. When tragedy strikes in BC, we are always there to offer help. Our hearts are big enough to look after families displaced by fire, floods and medical emergencies. And we don’t sit around waiting. We jump in and make things happen. Because we are members of the communities in which we work, we encourage each BC hotel to support the causes that have meaning in their lives. Our staff are like family and our community activities are numerous and varied!
Workplace Environment: 
Accent Inns are proud to be owned and operated right here in BC. Many of our staff have been here so long (10-20 years) that we all feel like family. The Father and Daughter Team of Terry and Mandy Farmer are not your typical owners. As Chairman and as President /CEO they are involved. Even with 5 locations around BC they can name most employees all by name. If a customer sends Mandy a note or email, she’ll respond personally. Have a read of her blog, “confessions of a CEO”. Our staff and leaders believe in community in a big way and get involved in a big way. Our Chain has received Trip Advisors Certificate of Excellence several times and that’s due to the service our staff provides. One thing you’ll see is that we like to have fun!
5 Important things you should know about us!: 

1) We are BC Owned and Operated
2) We like to provide a fun, relaxing and comfy environment for our guests and our staff and it shows. Every one of our locations are Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence winners
3) We believe in healthy communities (socially and environmentally) so helping out and & "doing our part" comes naturally and is a key foundation for our company.
4) Our staff are all about local. We know the best brunch spots, the quietest places for dinner or the perfect place for a night on the town. And we'll be thrilled to tell you, in the nicest way possible, of course
5) We are pet friendly and support the BCSPCA and we are so Bike friendly we even have our own Cycling team!

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