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Corporate Member Profile: 
Babylingual Learning Products Inc. helps facilitate the bilingual learning and development of babies and toddlers by using this simple yet effective learning process: Rather than taking random words and translating them (i.e. house = maison), we purposely selected objects that have the same beginning letter in both languages.
Industry Leadership: 
Our learning method distinguishes our products from those currently on the market. We purposely selected objects that have the same beginning letter in both languages. Based on this process, you may not know what a flower is in French, but you know it begins with the letter “F”. The same rule applies for all the letters of the alphabet.
Community Involvement: 
Our products are "Made in Canada" We work with local businesses around the lower mainland to help us with every aspect from the physical production of our products to all our printing needs.
Workplace Environment: 
We currently have one office on the North Shore.
5 Important things you should know about us!: 

1.Our products are bilingual (English & French)
2.Our company is local
3.Our learning method distinguishes us from other products currently on the market
4.We intentionally kept all our products true to form so children learn the reality of the object as well (no purple dolphins or green kangaroos)
5.Our products are educational tools that promote learning

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