by Telma Gomes*

These days most of us are living incredibly busy lives – from school to work, family commitments and a social life, it can be tough to find balance in such a hectic world. Finding balance often means reducing stress which can be done in a number of ways; a healthier diet, more exercise and meditation to name a few.

It isn’t always easy being green, but in this new blog series I would like to show you little easy steps that everyone can take in the green direction.  Being kind to our earth and making sustainable choices doesn’t have to overwhelming or expensive, little changes can build up over time and help you live a happier, healthy more sustainable life!
Follow me on my journey as I share little steps, tips and tricks on how to green today so our beautiful environment isn’t gone tomorrow. 




Superbugs have been the hot topic in public health for a couple of decades now, and seemingly will continue to gain momentum unless we change our current course of action. 


Sustainability thinking is often about re-thinking our approach to things, and issues in public health--like any other discipline, are certainly in need of some rethinking.


Here are some tips to help avoid the health risks of household chemicals and encourage more informed choices when purchasing these products.

by Matthias Mueller – founder of Sustainability Compass mobile app

In a series of three articles this is article No. 2. First article was about "Why we all should act smart based on our sustainability compass"

My nephew’s college professor gave this assignment with the instructions, have a relative answer these questions, one that has similar views and outlooks to your own.  I feel honored that he chose me.

frog umbrella

So the title grabbed your attention and knowing that the Xmas excess will soon be upon us, you are planning to shed those unwanted pounds quickly and easily in the New Year.......sorry folks but the only pounds that these lose weight quick schemes lose are the ones from your pockets!

However, I did lose 30lbs in weight and have kept it off. This is how I did it...

(Pictured: A bar of Green Natüra's "Waste Reducing Exfoliating Body Cleanser".)

During this Christmas, I have had the opportunity to stay at the Old Faithful Snow Lodge, located near the famed Old Faithful Geyser within the State of Wyoming. The Old Faithful Snow Lodge is part of the Xanterra Parks & Resorts group, an organization dedicated to preserving the natural resources and environment of the surrounding area through sustainable practices.

Day 1 ~ Saturday, April 14, 2012

Yesterday I began my 40 Day Yoga commitment and I decided the best option for me to begin would be the 7:30pm yin yoga class.  Yin Yoga is characterized by long, slow and very relaxed postures - a great class for beginners or for someone like me who is returning after a long absence from yoga.