This March I decided to participate in YYoga's 30 day challenge, which they usually hold approximately twice a year for a reduced price. The goal is to attend 30 days of consecutive yoga. 

Recently I have been dabbling in different styles of yoga and since YYoga offers such a wide range of classes I thought it would be a great fit for advancing my knowledge of the practice. 

Sustainability Televison has had a working relationship with the NOW! Organization for some time, but I didn’t know much about their work. To learn more about how the NOW! Organization brings together sustainability and performance, I sat down with Rebecca Gu, the International Director of the Act NOW! International Performance Writing Festival.

Fighting the Noise

Organic seems to be one of those buzz words that just won’t go away. We assume when things are more natural, they are better for us, and generally that is correct. In a perfect world we would all be able to eat 100% organic 100% of the time, but this is neither economically or socially possible. There are some fruits and veggies that are more likely to be carrying residual pesticides from the farming process that you definitely don’t want in your body.

My Adventures in Thailand - January 2011
Easy Ways To Travel Vegetarian, Vegan or Raw.

29 hours and 3 airplanes later, I have landed in Bangkok, Thailand. Despite being a frequent flier, with over 28 other countries and over 100 flight segments each year for the past several, this is my first ever trip over the pond and to the left.
I was attracted to Thailand for many reasons:
1) As a raw food vegan, Thailand is like “paradise found” because of all of the wonderful in-season local organic fresh fruits and vegetables,

Winter Training and Motivation
Beating the winter blues to a better you
Finding balance amidst juggling shorter days and busy work schedules can
be challenging - especially with our bodies deprived of essential vitamin
D and in hibernation mode. Developing a routine that keeps us motivated
during cold, icy spells is of extreme importance to help combat gaining
those extra 5 lbs. in addition to keeping winter blues at bay.

Face-to-face Interview with Jason Robinson, Founder and CEO of Sustainability Television, March, 24 2010.   – By Carolina Issa
1. What inspired you to create Sustainability Television (STV)?
Sustainability Television was inspired by a collection of my life experiences and involvement in community.  The wealth of experiences I’ve had, have helped to shape my view of the world and was influenced by a meaningful family connection to the land.

The Human Factor I
And What About Us?
We have but little time. Natural systems are close to breakdowns, soon reaching tipping points of no return. This is true for the climate as well as for the ecosystems. There is a huge interest for these issues, especially with regard to questions of climate. However, the climate is not the only part of the system on which we need to focus. This is emphasized by scientists and other persons who see these systems as interrelated, as a whole.

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I am entering a debate in my Medical Anthropology class this Thursday regarding Genetic Prenatal Testing. This debate topic is highly contentious due to the morally problematic issues intrinsically involved. It can be argued that since developments in technology have allowed us to retrieve and disseminate this kind of information, parents and families concerned should be able to have access to it.