The shifting trend to mobile has been one of the major drivers behind the need for business to go social. This shift makes it a business necessity to have a strategy around its social messaging position and ensuring it is resourced with skill sets that are reflective of the inherit risks associated with its immediacy and permanency; along with the rewards associated with its opportunity to build stronger links with its customer world.
To be relevant in the digital disrupted era, businesses need to embrace the social reward and not the social risk.

Astronomers who live in big cities have for many years faced unfavorable conditions in their efforts to observe stars and other celestial bodies due to “Light Pollution” _ a brightening night sky that has obliterated the stars for much of the world’s population_ [1]. Astronomers were among the first to record the negative impacts of wasted lighting on scientific research, but for all of us, the adverse economic and environmental impacts of wasted energy are apparent in everything from the monthly electric bill to climate change.

Toronto, Canada, November 12, 2013 – BacTech Environmental Corporation ("BacTech", CNSX: BAC, OTC: BCCEF, WKN: A1H4TY) announced today that it is launching a Crowdfunding campaign to raise capital for testwork for the Telamayu tailings remediation project in Bolivia. The acid rock drainage (ARD) runoff from the abandoned Telamayu tailings has been impacting the drinking water in downstream communities for many decades.

Everyone knows weddings are challenging; the organization, the cost, the dealing with expectations and the family dynamics. Added to the typical challenges, families can now be spread out all around the world which can make wedding planning even more complicated. Fortunately, for those who aren't able to make it to your wedding - advancements in web technology now allow couple’s to live stream their wedding on the internet! This involves filming the event while simultaneously broadcasting it on the internet or to a specific group of people.

Nanoscience and Concrete


Global methane solutions and know-how

by Jason Robinson


'We are here together for one simple reason and that is that methane matters. It matters in our fight against global warming, in the quality of our air, water cycle, and crop yields. And it matters to our health." - Honourable Peter Kent

Hi, my name is Pamela - I am really interested in adopting new technologies and practices in order to make our everyday activities more sustainable and budget friendly. 

I have a confession to make… I am a former energy glutton.
Growing up, I had an irrational fear of the dark and would always leave the lights on. My parents were constantly reminding me to turn the lights off, or they were reprimanding me for bumping the thermostat up a couple of notches. In my defense, I grew up in Northern Saskatchewan, where the winter temperatures can often hover in the negative 40s and the sun sets before five. Regardless, I was blissfully ignorant-I didn’t have to pay the bills.


The Best is Yet to Come!

the use of nanotechnology in medicine

By Nathan Holwell



Generation of energy and power is a continuing issue in our modern world. Nature Nanotechnology recently published a journal article discussing the potential of a virus which can inadvertently power our electronic devices. While many people consider viruses something that makes us ill, this particular virus generates energy when stressed via vibrations or pressure, called piezoelectricity.