Any socially transformative movement gets to a point where it needs to be fully embraced by the people it impacts. The green power movement within Canada is at just such a point. Previously, the development of new renewable energy projects was out of reach to all but the most committed hobbyist or has been on a scale requiring government-level planning. But there are growing ways for individuals to have a voice in shaping the energy market in Canada within their own communities.

The options:

Clean power, the power grid, and the connection to you the consumer...

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The Ripple Effect: A Rivers Day Youth-4-Action Symposium


  The sustainability of our region is closely tied to healthy waterways – locally and globally. The region’s creeks, streams, lakes and rivers connect us to the Georgia Straight, the Pacific and the World’s oceans every day.
Join high school youth leaders from across Metro Vancouver who are passionate about taking action to maintain, protect and enhance local receiving waters in Metro Vancouver and beyond.

Participants will:

Thank you to everyone who made Do It Green 2013 possible -BYSN executive team

Thanks to everyone who made DO IT GREEN 2013 a success! Throughout the day, almost 500 Burnaby students, school board staff, community members and guests from neighboring districts were a part of the event! -April 19th 2013

  If you're a Burnaby high school student and you want to 1) create lasting change in the Burnaby school district by joining student initiatives or joining a city planning committee 2) talk directly to district staff and bypass the many common administrative barriers or 3) meet passionate, like-minded youth from other high schools, we want you to come to this meeting!

About EIMR

The conference will be held in Kirkwall, on the Orkney Islands, Scotland from Tuesday May 1, to Thursday May 3 2012, with an additional programme of special interest sessions, field trips and other activities expected to take place from Monday April 30 until Friday May 4. Its main objective is to bring together people from different disciplines and cultures to encourage collaboration and develop ideas.


Prescott, Arizona - As we face a future in which clean water will become less and less accessible, we must re-evaluate our wastewater treatment systems and develop them into more earth-based processes that utilize human knowledge of the natural world.

Another video video produced and funded by Jason Robinson & Sustainability Television.

Rex Weyler co-founder of Greenpeace International shares the story of how Greenpeace began as a movement in Vancouver, Canada in the 1970's.

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