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Yoga Life Vancouver Vancouver is a city growing as an opportune location for yoga practice and lifestyle. Classes and facilities seem to be budding around every corner. Following my recent decision to take up a yoga practice, I am intrigued to know what is out there for me. Loving a challenge, and being a bit of an investigator, I am swarmed with curiosity about what kind of classes, education, people, apparel, teachers, facilities, food, and more, are available to me.
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Zafar Ahmad
Zafira Rajan I'm currently a 3rd year UBC student, intern at Sustainability Television and passionate about bringing awareness to the online community about developments in sustainability.
zee I am a community based artist, educator and mentor. I work with kids and families to get them excited about learning and creating all sorts of projects, working primarily with recycled materials. One project I am involved in is the MakerMobile: Workshop on Wheels, a traveling classroom, hackspace, art studio and laboratory in the back of a renovated Ford Econoline Van. Another project is the Vancouver Mini Maker Faire Young Makers program as well as the Tiny House project.
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zpaiss Sustainability consultant for the past 30 years. Published author of positive future novel entitled "From Here to There: A Story of America's Future.
Владимир Хлепитько Я позиционирую себя как участника современного глобального сообщества, в котором важно то, кого я знаю, как и то, что я знаю, осознавая свою причастность ко всем социальным системам, к которым принадлежу, или потенциально могут принадлежать, способного инновационно трансформировать бизнес-процессы на рынке знаний и технологий, поскольку вероятность извлечения и обмена действительно ценной информации прямо пропорциональна количеству участников в социальных сетей и других внешних источников знаний
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