Blog Post: Growth

Times, They are a Changin'!
(As the environment, so are point form)

September 2011 - new president Alyssa Kostello, new members Sayan Sivanesan and Kerri Tomlinson, and new program called LEAF

November 2011 -  first NOW What?! Dialogue with guest Graham Anderson from Shift Urban Cargo Delivery /  two winning entries from Act NOW! Sustainability Performance Art Competition at Vancouver Youth Theatre's show 'Why Justice?'

December 2011 - began to build on our Board of Directors

Check out our website for our new project 'The Playground'; a sustainable space for creativity. AND:

Jan 30 - started building partnerships with Chris Mattock of Habitat Design and Consulting, Joyce from the Green Ideas Network, as well as W4th's Street Festival Co-ordinator.


Feb 8 -  UBC's Getting Into Volunteering Program is bringing in Alyssa in to give a workshop on Teamwork and Creation





Some of these things sound quite interesting, but I find this point form quite confusing. Could be elaborate a bit more please, so we do not have to visit each of the link and filter for the good info? :)

Thanks :)

commented by Klaudia on 2012-02-8 00:55:22