A small group of Ecuadorians, united under the name of Itapoa, are buying up remaining land in the Choco Rainforest of Ecuador.  Only 5% of its original size, very little of which is protected, the Choco once covered the northern lowlands from the base of the Andes to the Pacific.  Logged and cut for banana production, the area is now being transformed into a sea African Oil Palm Plantations.  Remnants of this little-known forest persist in the few roadless areas at the base of the Andes, which continue to be difficult to access.

                  Malawi is a small country in southeast Africa where malnutrition as a result of desertification has left children orphaned by AIDS to fight for their own lives as infections leave them susceptible to disease... the number one killer being Malaria. These kids are stunted and have infected sores on their skin and swollen bellies as worms devour them from within. This sounds like a made up, contrived version of reality written with the purpose of getting readers to feel compelled to action, but it is not so.