Chris Canady is a biologist who studied birds among other things and has lived in Ecuador over 20 years. He now runs Omaere Botanical Garden with his Shuar wife Teresa. Both have a love for knowledge, plants, sustainability, and conservation. Chris was distracted during his interviews by a variety of rain forest birds that were around us in a beautiful forest his wife planted by hand.

                  Malawi is a small country in southeast Africa where malnutrition as a result of desertification has left children orphaned by AIDS to fight for their own lives as infections leave them susceptible to disease... the number one killer being Malaria. These kids are stunted and have infected sores on their skin and swollen bellies as worms devour them from within. This sounds like a made up, contrived version of reality written with the purpose of getting readers to feel compelled to action, but it is not so.