Directed by Denise Dragiewicz and Marc Dragiewicz

Global warming messages from the students and teachers of the Tushita Foundation, on what we can do and why we should care.

Strange to imagine how some from a far off planet might view earths inhabitants. If some astronaut left earth say 30 years ago only to come back to the same planet what might they find??

SERIES .01  Manifesting Quality Of Life: A bigger picture

Montana - Meet Sunny Baba at his home Earth Heart Sanctuary during an old-time barn raising as he and his friends build a hand-hewn log workshop. Explore what quality of life means. The possibility of humans manifesting a more beautiful world thru deepening our vision of what William Wallace meant by the now- famous line from the movie Brave Heart, "every man dies, but not every men really lives."


Prescott, Arizona - As we face a future in which clean water will become less and less accessible, we must re-evaluate our wastewater treatment systems and develop them into more earth-based processes that utilize human knowledge of the natural world.