Growing up in Sri Lanka, an island which is known as the “pearl of the Indian ocean, with natural beauty ‘ceaseless to the human eye’, has made me acutely aware of the environmental impact of excessive human consumption, particularly as it relates to clothing. Tragically, many of these areas have often also become home to lower socio economic groups of

You will not want to miss this one! Join us at Green Wednesdays on Dec. 3rd to watch the newly released award-winning documentary "Just Eat It: A Food Waste Story" (75 min).  Grant Baldwin and Jenny Rustemeyer are filmmakers turned subjects when they wanted to show just how much food we waste. Just Eat It has premiered across Canada, the USA and Europe. Visit to learn more. We are thrilled that Jen and Grant will be coming to this event as our guest speakers!
Date:  Wed., Dec. 3, 2014

One of the most effective ways to improve the environmental state of a city is to connect with the youth of that community. Those young citizens are the most likely to incorporate sustainable practices into their lives and encourages other citizens to do the same. This is why Ian Gschwind and Vanessa LeBourdais work yearly to educate children on the importance of appreciating and cherishing our environment. DreamRider Theatre’s focus is to impact generations of society by teaching children all about recycling, conserving, and resisting consumerism.