Blog Post: Damanhur Blog introduction

These are the tales, adventures, photos and insights into Francisco’s (that’s me writing this) exploratory voyage and life in the world of Damanhur.  If you don’t know what Damanhur is, then take a little visit to their web site
The web site will give you a “overview” of what they are about there. Yes, I did write that with quotations. . . since, what I’ve been firmly reminded during my stay here, is that the meaning of a word can vary greatly from one person, or group, to another.
In brief, this is an Italian (a la viva la pasta kind of Italia) group of people that have decided to live in a homestead oriented lifestyle, with a system of spiritual values and process that are founded upon esoteric principles.
I’ve come here to find out what has made this apparently successful, intentional, sustainable and spiritual community thrive, and perhaps consider it a home for myself.
During my time here I will dig into this little world to get a better grasp of what that Damanhur really means, and hopefully convey that to those who want to read about it.