Blog Post: 5 Sustainability Apps to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

As the world's biggest companies take significant measures to reduce carbon emissions, individual action on climate change and pollution has never been easier. Here are five sustainable living apps that are actually worth downloading.


CleanSpace is an air pollution tracking system that allows you to track your exposure to pollution in the world around you. CleanSpace enables you to monitor the air you breathe in, in real-time. The CleanSpace Tag is a smartphone case that holds a carbon monoxide sensor, temperature sensor and bluetooth capabilities that link to your CleanSpace app to offer the most integrated air monitoring system out there. CleanSpace will then aggregate data from all CleanSpace Community users, creating a mapped clean air analysis of your surrounding city and environment. Help combat air pollution by understanding it, avoiding it and eventually reducing it!


The Joulebug app makes sustainable living into a game. You can now compete with your friends by gaining as many points as possible for everyday sustainable tasks. Every tiny thing we do during our day has the potential to have a negative impact on the earth. Joulebug rewards you for living sustainably and reducing this carbon footprint. Whether it be using a reusable mug for your morning coffee, taking public transport, taking a shorter shower or using renewable energy sources - the points will be flooding in.  


This is your go to guide for finding geographically specific, convenient recycling solutions both in your home and on the go. It gives you over 1.6 million recycling tips and tricks - you will have no excuses not to recycle! The app was created by Earth911, an organization dedicated to making recycling an easy and simple process for people around the world. Search iRecycle for tips on recycling venues in your area, the app newsroom for the latest eco news and quick and easy how-tos on recyclable waste materials.


This app has one of the easiest, most automated user experiences you’ll ever see in an app. PaperKarma’s mission is to cut paper wastage - and they’re starting with the mailing industry. The production of junk mail requires on average 100 million trees to be logged each year. The list of statistics goes on and on - the point is, waste isn’t good and here’s a way to reduce it. Simply snap a photo of your mailing address on your next piece of junk mail, and that’s it. PaperKarma’s behind the scenes algorithm will unsubscribe you automatically from unwanted chain mailing lists. Here’s to a paperless world!


‘Your personal guide to a better future’ is what the app eEcosphere promises you. The app is a database, community and information centre that makes going green, sustainable and ethical in all areas of life seamless and easy. The premise of the app is all about the sharing of ideas and providing inspiration as well as specific advice on living a more sustainable life. By connecting you with ‘actionable ideas’ in your network eEcosphere will give advice specific to your daily activities, whether it be telling you the most sustainable restaurant in your area, suggesting eco clothes washing practices or giving you a sustainable eating plan - this app does it all.

Photo courtesy of Joseph Morris