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Video Series: Harmony House Series

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Sustainability Television is proud to present this 20 part episodic series highlighting the construction of the Harmony House.

Located in Burnaby, BC, Canada; the Harmony House is a winning entry in the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation EQuilibrium™ Housing Initiative.  This net-zero home will produce as much energy as it uses on an annual basis - from renewable sources.

This project incorporates low toxicity interior finishes, materials with recycled content, foam insulations using non ozone depleting expanding agents, water conservation and rain water harvesting. These measures lower environmental impact, conserve resources and create a healthy indoor environment for the occupants.  This is the only Equilibrium home to be constructed on the West Coast and will be the first zero carbon building in British Columbia; meaning it will emit no greenhouse gases from heating, cooling, hot water and the use of electrical appliances.


Ever wonder what is a eco home?  The Harmony House series gives you a glimpse at just what it takes to build a green building.  Designer Chris Mattock has been building sustainable housing for over 30 years.  Check out this series for many tips on where to find a home builder in your neighborhood who knows all about custom homes and building a green building.  

If you're looking for more information on the materials for construction of a green building; watch all 20 episodes to get specific tips and ideas to discuss with your architect and builder.

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Harmony House.TV - Episode Synopsis


Episode (1)

"The Harmony House Project" – History of the project and key participants

(Chris Mattock, Arthur Lo, Bob Douglas, Kristi Choi, Kari Reid, Gary Hamer, Les Moncrieff, Linda Moncrieff)


Episode (2)

"What is a Green Building" – Overview of green building rating systems.

(Les Moncrieff, Linda Moncrieff, Arthur Lo, Chris Mattock, Jason McLennan, Linda van der Velden, Ken Melamed, Bob Deeks, Phil Legg, Coro Strandberg, Bob Douglas)

Whistler, BC, RDC Fine Homes, Durfeld Constructors, Paperstone(mentioned), SIPS Panels


Episode (3)

"The House as a System" – Interdependence of building materials

(Bob Douglas, Les Moncrieff, Linda Moncrieff, Kari Reid, Dale Parkes, Patsy Bourassa, Clay Ganton, Caroline Ganton, Haley Ganton,



Episode (4)

"The Excavation" – Elements in the Foundation

(Arthur Lo, Robert Lea, Bob Douglas, Winston/Harry, Joey Fearn, Gary Hamer, Cyril Parker)

J&R Excavation, Fab-Form, Quad-Lock


Episode (5)

"The Substructure" – Creation of the Foundation

(Bob Douglas, Kristi Choi, Manny, Chris Mattock, Joey Fearn, Gerald James, Cory Legge,  Cyril Parker, Winston, Dave Andre, Kimi Ito, Linda van der Velden, Shawn, Tyler Holley)

FastFoot Monopour System, Quad-Lock, Soprema (Mentioned), JRS Engineering, K Ito & Associates, J&R Excavation


Episode (6)

"Superstructure 1" – The Engineering

Scott Croasdale, Cory Legge, Dave Andre, Gary Hamer, Andrew Shaw, Robert Clement, Bob Douglas, George Pinch, David Hill

JRS Engineering, WUFI, GVHBA – Technical Committee


Episode (7)

"Superstructure 2" – Advanced Framing & Roofing with Engineered wood

Arthur Lo, Kimi Ito, Kristi Choi, Chris Mattock, Kari Reid, Harry Xu, Arthur Lo, Jay Batch, WUFI, Dicks Lumber, Eagle West Cranes


Episode (8)

"Superstructure 3" – 

Bob Douglas, Cory Legge, Chris Mattock, Gary Hamer, Darren

JRS Engineering, Dow (products), DuPont (products) , Crown Roofing


Episode (9)

"The Building Envelope" – Windows and Doors

Michael Bousfield, Mike Battistel, Kristi Choi, Kari Reid, Arthur Lo,

Cascadia Windows, Inline Fibreglass(mentioned)


Episode (10)

"The Building envelope 2" – Air Barriers

Chris Mattock,Winston, Bob Douglas, Les Moncrieff, Walter Wardrop, Gary Hamer, David Hill

Dow (thermax mentioned), Panasonic (VIP’s mentioned), Icynene (mentioned), Eneready Products


Episode (11)

"The BCIT AFRESH House" – Sustainable Elements in BCIT AFRESH House

Alex Hebert, Kristi Choi, Linda van der Velden



Episode (12) 

"Natural Ventilation" – The Aero-Cap

Chris Mattock, Cory Legge, Gary Hamer, Brian Hayashi, Bob Douglas, Phil Griffith,

Matrix Design


Episode (13)

"Space & Water heating" – How to heat a home without gas

Les Moncrieff, Bob Douglas, Gary Hamer, Cody, Richard Parkinson

Mitsubishi Electric, Stoltz Mechanical


Episode (14)

"The Power of the Sun – Solar hot water and PV array installation

Kristi Choi, Matt Hutchings, Owen Low, Gary Hamer, Rob Lafreniere, Paul Sim

SMA, Energy Alternatives, Clear Energy Solutions, Liquidus Plumbing, Sunbright Solar, ThermoDynamics


Episode (15) 

"Energy Conservation" – Culture of Conservation

Gary Hamer, Bob Douglas, Lisa Coltart, Victoria Smith, Kari Reid, Norm Brault,

BC Hydro


Episode (16) 

"The Net-Zero Energy Family" – Smart Meters and Electric Cars

Kristi Choi, Gary Hamer, Mark Phillips, Guy Hartwig,

BC Hydro, Corix, Mitsubishi Motors


Episode (17)

"Lighting & Energy use" – Echoflex Solutions and related technology.

Bob Douglas, Shawn Pedersen, Ted Prime, Linda van der Velden, Tracy Douglas, Pamela, Arthur Lo, Dan Butler,

Echoflex Solutions, Canlyte-Philips(mention), BC Hydro Smart Meter


Episode (18)

"Interior Design Elements" – Samsung and other appliances and finishings

Arthur Lo, Tracy Douglas, Les Moncrieff, Linda Moncrieff, Bob Douglas, Kari Reid, Qian Yi

Interstyle, Canlyte-Philips(mentioned), Kohler(mentioned), Benjamin Moore (mentioned), Samsung


Episode (19) 

Exterior Finishes" – What it takes to make a Net Zero Home

Arthur Lo, Miles Timmis, Oscar, Gary Hamer, Kristi Choi, Yuki, Sam Dawson

OEL Painting, Disposal King, Premier Plastics


Episode (20)

"The Electric Car" – Living in a Net-Zero Home

Chris Mattock, Loreto Persichetti, Shawn Bryan, Linda van der Velden, Kristi Choi, Les Moncrieff, Linda Moncrieff,

Misubishi Motors, Eaton



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The design elements presented in this video series and on harmony-house.ca were developed for specific local climatic and site conditions, client requirements and to comply with local and national codes and standards.
When constructing any home, particularly a net zero energy home, the services of a knowledgeable qualified design professional should be used.
That design professional must be familiar with local building code requirements, local climatic conditions, the particular site conditions, the principles of building science and state of the art energy efficient design.
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This is a great episode and I look forward to all the new installments. The subject is a favorite as we talked about this when I was a younger man in high school (grad 1978). It amazes me that we (North American society) plan whole cities without ever having considered what ancient societies knew about positioning homes to take advantage of natural heating and cooling from the sun. How did we miss that? It's a biggie and we are going to pay for it someday soon.

commented by Paulsim on 2012-02-10 13:04:43

Hi Jason and Crew,

 I was really excited to see these first three installments, and I am anxious to share your superb work at documenting the evolution of the Harmony House.
 Cheers !

commented by scott sanderson on 2012-02-12 22:45:47