Event: Building Community - Social Connections Matter!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012 - 11:30 to 14:00
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Building Community - Social Connections Matter!

NORTH SHORE - June 26, 2012
SOUTH OF THE FRASER - July 4, 2012

By many accounts the Metro Vancouver region is on the fast track to sustainability, renowned for being green, embracing diversity and scoring high in terms of livability. But new research by the Vancouver Foundation suggests that people in the region may be feeling a sense of isolation a lack of connection to their neighbours, to their community and by extension to their city and region a finding that has the potential to undermine even the best sustainability efforts. What factors are contributing to this trend - our planning approaches and patterns of growth? Our growing population, or increasingly multicultural population? The transition to a digital age? Other factors yet to be determined? How do we address this divide and build social connections that foster strong and healthy communities? What examples of cohesive communities can we learn from moving forward?


Metro Vancouver is pleased to host this next series of Future of the Region Sustainability Dialogues. The Dialogues are a key component of our Sustainable Region Initiative (SRI), and are intended to help the citizens of Metro Vancouver shape the future of the region by presenting a range of views to challenge and stimulate discussion on significant regional issues. Metro Vancouvers view is that the exploration of new and innovative approaches to regional issues by a broad spectrum of interested stakeholders is fundamental to the ongoing livability and sustainability of our region, and your participation in these dialogues is therefore both encouraged and greatly valued.

We look forward to seeing you at our dialogue series. We will continue hosting a number of dialogues throughout the region in 2012 and encourage you to check out our website to find out about sessions coming to your community.