Blog Post: Get stuck on solar power.

Pictured: The "Window Socket", designed by Kyuho Song and Boa Oh.

Unless you have been living in a windowless cubicle for the past weeks, you would have realized that Vancouver has been quite sunny as of late. Go ahead, Google "Vancouver Weather", and you shall see that Vancouver will retain its sunny disposition easily into next Friday. This is great news for people living with solar panels.

On the topic of green solar energy, meet the "Window Socket". A duo of Korean designers (Kyuho Song and Boa Oh) conceptualized a compact little solar generator that you could stick on a glass window. Other than the plug and wire connecting the charger to your desk light, smart phone, your portable electric stove. It takes 5-8 hours for the Window Socket to be fully charged, and it retains its charge for 10 hours. This may be a slight drawback, but keep in mind the "Window Socket" is still quite a recent concept.

The official copy states that one could use the window socket in a plane, a car, or the outdoors. I see great potential for electric cars to implement this concept. Save the hassle of driving around to find a parking spot with a socket when you could plug this little gadget into your car and let the green solar juice flow. Less wires from the car to the socket equals more in terms of convenience.